Although we work with buyers and sellers of Middle Market businesses, Sunbelt’s foundations  are in the SME Business market. At any given time, globally we have 10,000 to 15,000 SME  businesses for sale, including franchised and non-franchised restaurants and retail stores, home-based businesses of all types, business-to-business service companies and most any other type of business you can imagine.

While there is not a universally accepted definition of the SME Business and Middle Market market segments, at Sunbelt we most commonly define SME  business transactions as those that meet all or most of the following criteria:

  • The business will likely sell for $2,000,000 or less;
  • The business’ annual sales volume is less than $5,000,000;
  • The business’ assets rather than stock will be offered for sale

When preparing a business for sale, it is important to determine if it will be marketed as a SME Business or Middle Market business opportunity, because the processes for selling the two types of businesses is significantly different. If you are contemplating selling your company and the status of the business (SME Business or Middle Market) it is not readily evident to you, we encourage you to discuss this issue with your Sunbelt business dlae consultant at the outset of the business sales process. Please refer to the SME Seller Services section for an overview of our typical business sales process.

Are you interested in buying or selling a business? We encourage you to contact your local business broker for a confidential, no obligation conversation.